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Forget What You Know

Expose What They Did

*Dusts Off*
Oh LJ, remember how I said I was coming back? *whispers* I never came back but due to unforeseen circumstances I am here now and I'm going to be using you again. Let's talk about some of my shows to catch you up on what I've seen and what I've missed.

Currently watching: Once Upon A Time, iZombie, My Little Pony

Brief show thoughtsCollapse )

Watching Feats I have completed this year: Watched all seasons of Charmed, Boy Meets World and Smallville.

Busy TV Year!Collapse )

Future watchlist: Arrow/The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Heroes Reborn (Soon!) Girl Meets World

Where Are The Heroes?Collapse )

Other things: Doctor Who, Agent Carter, Gallavant

I love you, I hate youCollapse )

I have really been feeling the need to write fic lately, but like I suck at writing fic? Ugh. There are so many pairings out there I want to write for but inspiration escapes me.

Now I said it last time but I totally mean it when I say I am sticking around this time LJ, promise.