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Oh LJ, remember how I said I was coming back? *whispers* I never came back but due to unforeseen circumstances I am here now and I'm going to be using you again. Let's talk about some of my shows to catch you up on what I've seen and what I've missed.

Currently watching: Once Upon A Time, iZombie, My Little Pony

OUAT - Oi, I believe being on tumblr has tarnished what I think about Once I swear to god. The people there have so many triggers about damn everything and it I think soured my view on the show. What is it that really gets my goat? They tend to toss the rape word around a lot when it comes to certain characters. Like a lot. I watched it again with a friend recently and she had a much lighter view on it so yeah, tumblr's Once fandom is toxic and should be avoided.

Overall the show this season wasn't bad, I loved the Arendelles (I miss them so ;_;) and I really like that Emma is going to be the new Dark One, still there was a lot of stuff that happened this season that could have been avoided like the Marian storyline...yeesh and the lightweight queens of darkness who were all taken care of rather quickly. The fact that Cruella's storyline did not involve 101 dalmatians pissed me right off. Give me a bad guy who lasts the season please! Also the character assassination of the show, that is a bad show.

iZombie - I don't like zombie shows, they are just not my bag, man but iZombie did something different, they made their zombies hot and damn if that wasn't watchable. I never watched Veronica Mars but I hear this is a lot like it? I am here for my babies Rose McIver and David Anders though, rawwwr also random Bradley James with dark hair. Yes. Please. The cast is fantastic and the thirteen episodes we got left me wanting more, especially Blaine/Liv stuff. What is that you say? Blaine is evil? Meh *shrug*

My Little Pony - Yes I am reviewing My Little Pony. It's still consistently good, hell their plot at time is tighter than OUAT'S is. This season Twilight's castle introduced a big cutie map (kind of like the bat signal) to show where ponies who need to learn about friendship are. It's kind of adorable. My favourite episode of this season has been Slice of Life where they decided to highlight the background ponies. So hiliarous.

Watching Feats I have completed this year: Watched all seasons of Charmed, Boy Meets World and Smallville.

I have never seen these seasons in their entirety but this year I was lucky to acquire all of them so here are some of them.

Charmed is awesome, and yes I did cry in the finale though watching the last season I thought it suffed a lot after Leo got frozen. Also Piper and Leo were one of my OTPs man, I didn't like seeing them fighting. Also I so wasn't there for Billie's bitch sister, damn it. I did however want to see more of the boys, cuties :D

Smallville - I'd seen the first few season yes but I had never seen past about season 7 and oh boy, did a lot happen after that! The Justice League (kind of) Clois, General Zod, these are people who know how to tell a good story. A lot of that stuff, like that Davis was the baddie I didn't even know man, and what happened to Jimmy? ;_;  It was pretty thrilling I must say.

Boy Meets World - I remember seeing some of it on the Disney Channel, I'm sure we all did but I never realised how many season there actually were of it. I sat down and watched it from beginning to end and yes, fantastic show. I'm not at all suprised they made...would you call it a sequel? That they made a sequel to it with Girl Meets World.

Future watchlist: Arrow/The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Heroes Reborn (Soon!) Girl Meets World

So many superhero things, my goodness. Now I'm about half way through season 2 of Arrow and I have yet to start The Flash (though I hear it is rather good) and when Supergirl airs, I will be watching that also. I was a bit iffy on Supergirl at first but nah I think I can give it a go also Legends of Tomorrow has Victor Garber and Arthur Darvill and I have to say, I am there for that!.

HEROES REBORN - YES. I know there are naysayers who are against this but oh my gosh, my feels. Everything I see from it gives me feels. Help. The Noah Bennet variety hour as it should be featuring Chuck Bartowski and Peter Pan. Let me cry tears of joy.

Also? Now I know they say Robbie Kay's character's name is Tommy but I want to direct you to this post I made on my tumblr come on now, he has Heidi's jaw and bb!Simon's ears.

Also Girl Meets World I need to watch/catch up on because I hear it's good and they use a lot of the original cast of BMW so, there is that :D

Other things: Doctor Who, Agent Carter, Gallavant

I love Peter Capalldi as the Doctor, my god. He's gruff and he doesn't give a rat's arse and he's perfect. The thing I don't like however is god damned Clara. I just for some reason cannot stand the woman, I feel that she is just the biggest mary-sue character to ever be included into a show and then there was that bull honkey with her and boyfriend Danny. I wasn't that sad when he died because I didn't feel like he and Clara had that much of a connection? Perhaps it's just me. Also I'm sad that we almost got rid of her during last year's Christmas special and damn it she decided to stay on. No show. No.

I've heard talk about them changing his personality this year because a lot of people hated him? Tweens you mean, and hipster douches who think he's too old and crotchety to lust over. These people are wrong and do not know a good thing when they see it.

Now I was never that big into the Marvel verse, mostly because for a time I was boycotting Joss Whedon (I'm never gonna forgive him and Nathan Fillion for gouging out my bb Xander's eye to be honest) But I watched Agent Carter and I loved it. Peggy and Jarvis had wonderful chemisty and really it is something everyone should watch. Very good show :D

Galavant was the most stupidly adorable show you have ever seen. It's like if Glee was good, it would be this. Alan Menken wrote it, Alan Menken! And a second season has been confirmed and I cannot wait to see it continued. Seriously they had Stamos in the first season as a guy name Jon Hamm, how is that not fabulous?! And he didn't even sing! I need all the Galavant feels.

I have really been feeling the need to write fic lately, but like I suck at writing fic? Ugh. There are so many pairings out there I want to write for but inspiration escapes me.

Now I said it last time but I totally mean it when I say I am sticking around this time LJ, promise.
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