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Ally Watches TV - Doctor Who

Oh LJ, I said I was going to come back but I kind of ran off and forgot about you...for three months. I'm sorry! I'll never leave you again. Hey do you see my new journal layout? It's pretty neat right? I did it in preparation for Once on Sunday/Monday.

So let's talk about The Time of the Doctor

I didn't like it, not one bit. I went though a what the hell did I just watch phase, it was so damn horrible. Matt's sendoff speech was pretty great and the appearance of Peter Capaldi but everything else? No.

+ So the Silence, are actually genetically engineered priests who were designed to forget what you told them in confession. That's...if that is true, why the hell do they look like that? If that guy was your priest would you willingly go to him? Surely a less extreme measure could have been taken, like sewing their mouths shut. I'm not even sure the Silence have mouths.

+ Everything seemed to wrap up really nicely (And dorkily). The crack in the universe happened because the timelords who he put in a pocket of space outside of the universe were looking for him and asking him his real name. I have so many problems with this. Basically the Doctor sat in front of that big-assed crack for years and couldn't think of any other possible way for him to contact those on the other side and say yes it's me. I don't think it was really damn necessary to speak his name at all.

+ Also how do wooden cybermen even work? How is that even a thing? Wooden Cybermen. That does not make sense.

+ Clara is still the biggest Mary-Sue character to ever exist, though I giggled when the Doctor kept ditching her. Little bit goes over to the crack and says 'He is the Doctah, that is all you need to know.' And the timelords decided to take the word of a random woman they've never met and help him out? What the hell?

According to what I've heard about the new season, Clara is having a hard time adjusting to the Doctor's new groove because he isn't hot and spunky any more. (Ohhh nooo Clara. You, you who has apparently seen all of his regenerations, you who saw him in the beginning when he was William Hartnell, you're having a hard time adjusting? *siiigh*) They are doing this to appease fangirls I'm sure, I know tumblr was full of dissension when Peter Capaldi was announced saying that it ruined their ship and that he was too old which come on, you have got to be kidding me.

+ I'm looking forward to Capaldi being the Doctor so much, his outfit is wonderful and he is going to be badass and because Capaldi doesn't like to take his wedding ring off there is mention of River coming back which squee! I will be there for that.

I am going to be using my journal a lot this year, I have so many things to talk about. Keep an eye out for it.
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