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Ally Watches TV - Once Edition

You know I was going to wait until I had finished watching all the things but screw it, I wanna talk about some shows now! Below are my current impressions on shows I am up-to-date on, these include Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

Once Upon A Time

+ I am damn ready for the merry crew to leave Neverland to be honest, it would be nice if it had good scenery but the place is so drab and what I think annoys me the most is that as shown in the Ariel episode, it's only been like a week since they left Storybrooke, what the cheese?!

+ Tinkerbell is wonderful but perhaps a little underused? I was expecting to see more of her. I feel we will see more of her in the future, according to spoilers I've heard she's going to become quite prominent soon enough.

+ Ariel was perfection. A lot of people thought that the woman playing her was perhaps too old for the part and pffft not true at all. I also really liked her friendship with Belle.

+ So...Peter Pan is Rumple's daddy. I can't say I saw that coming. It just seems so...*shivers* I don't know, odd.

+ You know what is an interesting story, show? How the smeg did Rumple get Pandora's Box in the first place?! Show us that back story! When I realised that was what that was I thought ohhhh because I had seen what had happened when they opened that thing on Warehouse 13 instead Rumple got sucked into it and went bye byes.

+ I love Charming and Hook's bromance, it's so flipping cute.

+ You know I like Henry, not a lot of people do but I've always liked him but in this last episode he just...this is how I explained it to a friend who hadn't seen it:

Peter Pan: You have to save magic!
Henry: I want to save magic!
Peter Pan: You have to pull out your own heart to save magic!
Henry: I'm gonna do it!
Regina, Emma and Neal: don't do it, he's lying to you!
Peter: I'm the only one who hasn't lied to you D: (fyi he totes lied)
Henry: I'm gonna do the thing! *pulls out his heart and gives it to pan which of course drops him dead to the ground*
Peter Pan: *woo is immortal now!*

The hell Henry, really?! I know magic is great but come on.

+ I am waiting desperately for Robin/Regina time, hopefully that will be coming soon.

Once In Wonderland

I've been watching it, I'm still rather conflicted about this show as to whether it's actually good or not. Some of the characters are good, the knave is freaking brilliant and Jafar and the Red Queen is growing on me and Alice? Truthfully I think she is the weakest part of the story.

+ There is an underlying question here I think we all must ask ourselves, does the white rabbit possess the ability to time travel? Alice is clearly from Victorian England and yet the Knave is from present day Storybrooke (He states that he is actually when he speaks of how the Hatter is now living the good life with his girl.) So, time traveling rabbit?!

+ The CGI in wonderland almost physically hurts me, it's so damn horrible. Really can they not afford better things? I made a thing which I believe would be a better fit than Once in Wonderland.

+ I was kind of surprised to see that Anastasia married into royalty, again the timeline is quite odd in this show. I assume this is post Cora but who really knows at this point?

+ The Knave said he didn't have his heart any more which clicked in my brain that maybe he really doesn't, maybe someone took it out for him?

+ Something else that comes to mind is what is the Knave's true relationship with Alice? I guess they were buddies once and that he's helping her to get her wishes but there has to be something more than that. I don't know if it's love triangly because a. she sees nothing else but Cyrus and b. I feel like if they had been close, she would know more about him than she does so why risk his life to help her? Wishes aren't that great.

+ Now I have been told not to get too attached to Once In Wonderland because it's ratings are not the best really I think if the character here went back to the main show that would be great, we could have Will and Robin be forest bros again, they could join Hook's crew!

I will continue to watch it no matter how long it has left, it's terrible but it intrigues me.

Come back tomorrow where the subjects will be Arrow, Elementary and Doctor Who!
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