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Ally Watches The Tomorrow People

So yeah I watched The Tomorrow People pilot and I find myself very torn, I'm not actually sure if it was good or not. The action was good, the effects were quite good, even the acting was mostly good (though perhaps a little heavy handed on the exposition) but I find it leaves me with more questions than answers. I'm going to compare some of it to what I know from the 90's version which was a British TV show, let's see how that goes:

+ Robbie Amell was a very good lead, very believable. Poor thing has been to a shrink and was on drugs because of his ~special~ problems. He sleep-teleported into his neighbour's bed, lol.

+ A difference I have found between this and the nineties version is there seem to be a lot more of the tomorrow people around than they used to be. The most in the 90's series was 3 at a time, and now there is like more than a hundred.

+ I can't hate the supposed bad guy, not really. He gives me HRG vibes as a guy who wants to protect the world from people who want to corrupt it. For example he mentioned how one of the ~tomorrow people~ stole some launch codes and posted them on twitter while another teleported into the federal treasury or something and stole 13 million dollars. I heard that and thought he's right, these people are dicks. They need to be contained.

+ I knew, KNEW that said bad guy would be a relation to Steven, you can't get more damn obvious than that. He's that sort of bad guy you know? And his name is Jedikiah which come on that is a bad guy name.

+ Now there are some of the tomorrow people who went smeg this (or they possibly got brainwashed) and work for Jedikiah. I feel like blonde boy Luke either worked there at some point or he is really Jedikiah's son (I got a vibe!)

+ I really do not like Cara. She's flat? She's flat. I like Astrid a lot better, too bad she thinks Stephen is crazy.

+ While I am a fan of the chosen one trope, in this instance eehh I'm not sure about it. "Oh Stephen, you are the son of our saviour, please help us find him!" Steven you just met these people. Also the we're your family/we're a different species thing is laying it on a little thick. I mean really? You know he wasn't an only child right? Kid has a brother, are you gonna buddy up to him too? Also Steven can do all the things including, telepathy, teleporting, telekinesis and time manipulation. Such a perfect golden boy!

+ I've seen some people go off at the 'they're not allowed to kill people' thing, I'm not bothered by it, it was part of the 90's series too. I guess it means they're not suddenly going to turn into serial killers, that is a good thing. Still it doesn't mean they can't, they just can't do it directly.

+ Now because I'm an avid tumblrer I've seen an upcoming promo where Cara (who we are led to believe has a romantic relationship with Luke) was getting hot and naked with Stephen. Really CW? Do you have to play the love triangle thing? It's just so overdone at this point.

+ One last thing I'm going to mention is what might be potentially a big ass spoiler but I don't know in the CW going that way. The 90's series (what I remember it) there were aliens. There probably aren't aliens in this one but one never truly knows do they?

I shall watch next week's episode as well to see if it gets better/worse.
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