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Shows, Sewing and Stuff!

Hiii! Hi there! The new television season has started and it's been pretty good so far! Below is my thoughts on some of the shows and things:

Once Upon A Time

It was a good opener! Emma's whole reluctant hero is a little grating, yes we know this isn't the life you wanted Emma, but it kind of is so get around to accepting it. Other things I liked included:

+ Henry, you know a lot of people hate Henry for one reason or another, I just think he is awesome/adorable.
+ Pan, what a scary little son of a bitch he is! I'm really looking forward to seeing his storyline (And I am hoping Tink is a good guy)
+ Team Enchanted Forest! Neal, Mulan and Robin Hood are awesome and there needs to be a lot more of them. Phillip and Aurora are awesome too.
+ I am a little conflicted about Greg and Tamara's demise. On one hand I'm like yaaay they're dead but then I think they had potential that wasn't realised. Also they were working for Pan all along? How did he get in contact with them? (Please don't say Tinkerbell, I hope she's smarter than that.)


Was good! We got to meet Sherlock's brother (Who was awesome) And Johnny Lee Miller just makes the most adorable faces ever. It is also quite nice when he is shirtless, which he is, a lot.

+ Joan remains a flawless human
+ I really like Joan and Sherlock's friendship, and Mycroft asking Joan how to become Sherlock's friend, aw <3
+ Also Sherlock giving Joan money so she could pay off that little brat whose dad she accidently killed.
+ Aidan Quinn dyed his hair, doesn't he realise he's gorgeous with grey hair? ;_;

The Big Bang Theory

Certainly has it's moments and it's no surprise that its best moments are those shared between Penny and Sheldon. They are just so wonderful together but you know deep down it's one of those things that is never going to happen.

+ I love that Raj can talk in front of the girls now, they have been drawing that out for way too long.
+ I want Penny to get a successful acting job and maybe cut back on the drinking because going back through the series she really does seem borderline alcoholic.
+ I still think there is absolutely no chemistry between Leonard and Penny whatsoever. I think Penny is settling because she doesn't think she'll find anyone better.

So Sleipnir has arrived safely at his destination and in the meantime I'm working on a pocket-sized Pinkie Pie, she's looking pretty good! I just have to do her mane and tail. I got this pretty blue/purple tie dyed minky from the store, I have no idea what to with it yet, it's just so pretty.

So the next thing I want to talk about is fic...OMG it's been so long since I've written fic, a few years at least but I really want to join the sheldon_penny Saturnalia gift exchange this year which will most likely require me to write fic. So, I working on a fic just to see if I could and I would love it if someone out there would look over it for me. Pleeease?
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