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September Update

Wow I'm averaging about one of these posts a month now, that's kind of good! This one is a little early because TV season starts this week, squee! New things to watch and icon! And yes, the icons are coming, I have about one hundred Once icons to post plus some other things.

New Shows I might watch:

+ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - I'm not a big fan of the Avengers and stuff but I will give it a look.
+ The Tomorrow People - I am really interested in this actually, did you know that it used to be a British TV series? I watched it when I was growing up.
+ Michael J. Fox's New Show - I will watch that, oh yes. I love him

Shows that are iffy

+ Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - I just don't really see the reason for it? I mean the Hatter isn't going to be in it so I'm like meh, also the CGI *shakes head* Why can ABC not afford good CGI?

+ Reign - From what I can gather, this is like a period drama about the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots. What? Why...Also why is this on the CW? Look at the shows they have on their network, what makes them think they can sustain a period drama? The couldn't sustain a medical one (I am referring to Emily Owens M.D. here, yes.) It just seems like a really awkward thing to be making a show out of.

Now, onto other things:

You guys, I finished Sleipnir! Look at him! He will soon be going to live in Florida. Right now I am trying a new pattern that I got off deviantart and I'm going to try and make a beanie bag pony.

I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters yesterday and I adored it! Yes there is some things they changed from the book but at the same time it was also a good comprehensive movie with wonderful special effects. From the moment it started, I was just in love with it. Also Anthony Head as Chiron, UPGRADE.

My blood pressure is up higher than perhaps it should be, the doctor feels that maybe I can get it down by myself so she's given me a little while before she tests it again but still, I am concerned. Both my parents have high blood pressure, so yeah :| On the up side though I have lost at least four kilograms which is very good. Yay me.

Now I suppose I should clean up my room, my little cousin is coming over and he really likes playing with my My Little Pony collection.
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