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Urgle Burgle!

Maaaan this month has been just so crappy. First Insanejournal got attacked by some nefarious types and they banned a bunch of ISP addresses, including mine! It is so frustrating when you have things to do there and you can't access the site. In the end I had to take ~alternate measures~ to get it to work. Mmmhmm.

I finished my next pony! Gosh he's a little cutie. He has gone on his way to America now. You can see a picture of him here. Right now I am working on Sleipnir, he's Loki's baby...he has eight legs :o

I picked up a new show in the off-season, Melissa and Joey! I watched the entire series up to the most recent episode in about four days and I adore it. You always hear about the messed up child stars, never the successful ones. I sort of forgot this show existed but I went looking for it and I love it!

Oh another thing, why the Internets hates me. I was freaking out because my Photobucket started to say that I had gone over my bandwidth. I was like what the cheese? I have had that account for five years and it has never done that before so damn right I questioned it. Photobucket wrote me a nice letter back saying that some of the links from my account were posted on a notorious adult site, that is why they closed it down.



They fixed it thank goodness, but still. *eyes the Internets*

It has been so long since I've made icons. According to my icon journal, I haven't posted graphics there since December 7th last year! Well I am going to change that. I am going to post...stuff! Keep an eye out for stuff :D
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