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Hello folks! It's been a while since I've done a proper update so lets do one noooow. The reason for my absence is well it's kind of autum/winter here and I feel very unmotivated to do anything actually that isn't even an excuse; I was looking at my icon journal the other day, do you know I haven't updated in like seven months? What is wrong with me? D: I need to fix that, yes.

Also another thing that has been biting into my time lately is Animal Crossing. OMG Animal Crossing you guys! *flail* Yes, I am a nerd.

+ Elementary is fantastic and you really should be watching it. I remember back when it started that the Sherlock fans jumped all over it saying that it was a rip off but it's really not, I like it and it has a wonderful cast and it is brilliant. I look forward to its return.

+ Psych I have a friend who has been watching Psych lately and I thought 'yeah I'll get in on that action' so I've been watching it too online. I am glad I went back to it, I had forgotten how awesome it was and how devastatingly good looking I find James Roday. I'm in the middle of season 1 right now, I have a lot more to watch.

+ The Big Bang Theory Yes I am caught up on that too. It is such an odd little show, it makes me want to write fic but I don't know, I haven't done that in a long long time and come on Sheldon has to be one of the hardest characters to write for.

+ Hawaii Five-O I'm catching up! I watched a lot of it in just one day, I'm around the start of season 3 now. I know she is not everyone's cup of tea but I really love Catherine and hers/Steve's relationship, OTP <3. I am a little iffy on the storyline with his mum a the moment, meh maybe it will get better. I might get around to finishing it before it starts up again.

+ Cory Monteith's death I was outright shocked and then I cried. I stopped watching Glee a while ago but when I did watch, I watched for Finn. He was my age too and it's just so heartbreaking. It really makes me wonder about Glee's future now that he will no longer be a part of it, like I would hope Ryan Murphy would do a respectable send off but this is Ryan Murphy we are talking about...

Shows I intend to catch up on:

+ Suits
+ White Collar
+ Continuum
+ Arrow

My hand is all jacked up because I have blisters from hand sewing. Oh you didn't know? Yeah I sew now. It's a thing. Look at this little beauty I did a while back:

 photo a08aa4f7-caf6-4993-8107-0145b7fedc71_zps3782272f.jpg

Isn't he cute? I'm actually doing a Nathan Petrelli one for a friend right now, hence why I have blisters *ouch*

RP stuffs is going well though I need to be more focused on it; my severe absent-mindedness and different time zones really put a dampener on things. more focused!

Stuff I need to icon includes all the things above. *nod* Also I should get back to my Heroes posts on tumblr. These are things that should happen.
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