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30 April 2012 @ 09:15 pm
Once Upon A Time Review - The Stranger  

Tonight's episode was really good! And it was finally confirmed that yes, August is Pinocchio. What made his story so wonderful was both Tony Amendola (Who deserves all the awards ever) and the little boy who played Pinocchio. They were flawless.

I have heard a lot of people on Tumblr mostly bitch about this episode. Mostly at the bad parenting skills displayed by Geppetto and Emma, really? Really?! Here is a short run down of what happened; We see Geppetto and Pinocchio escaping the whale. (Which the Whale/CGI Pinocchio were very well done!) Geppetto washes up on the beach and goes to look for Pinocchio who I suppose was dead? But the Blue Fairy comes to save him and turn him into a real boy. YAYAYAY!

The fairy tells Pinocchio that as long as he is good and honest and true that he will remain a real boy, which is why August is turning back into wood, the kid has been doing nothing but lie for a good long while now.

So when news of the curse hits, Gepetto gets worried for Pinocchio and demands he be put into the cupboard too. The fairy and Jiminy are saying that this is a baaaad idea but it is not something Gepetto is letting go of so when the time comes, he tells Pinocchio to look after the baby and puts him in the tree.

Oh, my heart.

Meanwhile, Emma wants to get Henry back from Regina, it's noble considering what a bitch she is. I get a lot of people are sympathetic to her but meh. Also she tried to seduce David. LOL.

Emma. *shakes head* kidnapping Henry is not the answer, it's really not. I can kind of see her reasoning though, if she was thinking straight that is. She could reason that if no one can leave Storybrooke then no one would come after them but no one is focusing on that, they're all focusing on what bad parental skills she is showing. Having never actually been a parent and having spent her entire life on the move/running from situations that get to heavy her actions don't surprise me so much.

One of the most powerful scenes in this episode was August trying to tell her that he was in fact Pinocchio, that they came through the tree and that FTL is real but Emma being Emma does not believe a lick of it. I get that too, she has never really had anyone close enough to her where they have to rely on her. Sure she was a bail bondswoman but I mean like familial closeness and having such a responsibility thrust upon her well that is a big thing, more than she is able to handle.

But on the other hand 3 people have told Emma that they pretty much know/remember their life before Storybrooke. If it were just Henry's delusion it would be something that could be put down to an over-active imagination but Graham and Jefferson and August have said the same thing, her lack of faith is distressing.

A lot of people also think that the Blue Fairy is evil. No you guys, she's not. I get it, you're all real pissed for her not letting Nova and Dreamy/Grumpy be together but I believe she had her reasons for doing that too. Maybe she knew it wasn't going to work, not so much that they weren't in love but more 'if a bird and a fish fall in love, where do they make their home?' I could see their being problems.

Only two weeks to go! Nooo! But I suppose it will give me a chance to catch up on the other shows I've been neglecting.

Icons/Graphics soon!
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