*Dusts Off*

Oh LJ, remember how I said I was coming back? *whispers* I never came back but due to unforeseen circumstances I am here now and I'm going to be using you again. Let's talk about some of my shows to catch you up on what I've seen and what I've missed.

Currently watching: Once Upon A Time, iZombie, My Little Pony

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Watching Feats I have completed this year: Watched all seasons of Charmed, Boy Meets World and Smallville.

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Future watchlist: Arrow/The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Heroes Reborn (Soon!) Girl Meets World

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Other things: Doctor Who, Agent Carter, Gallavant

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I have really been feeling the need to write fic lately, but like I suck at writing fic? Ugh. There are so many pairings out there I want to write for but inspiration escapes me.

Now I said it last time but I totally mean it when I say I am sticking around this time LJ, promise.

Ally Watches TV - Doctor Who

Oh LJ, I said I was going to come back but I kind of ran off and forgot about you...for three months. I'm sorry! I'll never leave you again. Hey do you see my new journal layout? It's pretty neat right? I did it in preparation for Once on Sunday/Monday.

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I am going to be using my journal a lot this year, I have so many things to talk about. Keep an eye out for it.

Ally Watches The Tomorrow People

So yeah I watched The Tomorrow People pilot and I find myself very torn, I'm not actually sure if it was good or not. The action was good, the effects were quite good, even the acting was mostly good (though perhaps a little heavy handed on the exposition) but I find it leaves me with more questions than answers. I'm going to compare some of it to what I know from the 90's version which was a British TV show, let's see how that goes:

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I shall watch next week's episode as well to see if it gets better/worse.

Shows, Sewing and Stuff!

Hiii! Hi there! The new television season has started and it's been pretty good so far! Below is my thoughts on some of the shows and things:

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So Sleipnir has arrived safely at his destination and in the meantime I'm working on a pocket-sized Pinkie Pie, she's looking pretty good! I just have to do her mane and tail. I got this pretty blue/purple tie dyed minky from the store, I have no idea what to with it yet, it's just so pretty.

So the next thing I want to talk about is fic...OMG it's been so long since I've written fic, a few years at least but I really want to join the sheldon_penny Saturnalia gift exchange this year which will most likely require me to write fic. So, I working on a fic just to see if I could and I would love it if someone out there would look over it for me. Pleeease?


I did it! I've done it! It's done! *kermit flails* after what has apparently been 9 months of not doing icons, I have done some! *dies* That was so exhausting and I didn't even get everything I wanted done but I got a fair bit. Feel free to comment friends, I'd like to know if I'm rusty/suck.

[55] Once Upon A Time
[30] Jack Coleman in Burn Notice
[20] Elementary
[10] Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Teasers:  photo 295_zps39de6f8c.png  photo 010_zpsb2b131a8.png

Here @ quiet_graphix

September Update

Wow I'm averaging about one of these posts a month now, that's kind of good! This one is a little early because TV season starts this week, squee! New things to watch and icon! And yes, the icons are coming, I have about one hundred Once icons to post plus some other things.

New Shows I might watch:

+ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - I'm not a big fan of the Avengers and stuff but I will give it a look.
+ The Tomorrow People - I am really interested in this actually, did you know that it used to be a British TV series? I watched it when I was growing up.
+ Michael J. Fox's New Show - I will watch that, oh yes. I love him

Shows that are iffy

+ Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - I just don't really see the reason for it? I mean the Hatter isn't going to be in it so I'm like meh, also the CGI *shakes head* Why can ABC not afford good CGI?

+ Reign - From what I can gather, this is like a period drama about the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots. What? Why...Also why is this on the CW? Look at the shows they have on their network, what makes them think they can sustain a period drama? The couldn't sustain a medical one (I am referring to Emily Owens M.D. here, yes.) It just seems like a really awkward thing to be making a show out of.

Now, onto other things:

You guys, I finished Sleipnir! Look at him! He will soon be going to live in Florida. Right now I am trying a new pattern that I got off deviantart and I'm going to try and make a beanie bag pony.

I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters yesterday and I adored it! Yes there is some things they changed from the book but at the same time it was also a good comprehensive movie with wonderful special effects. From the moment it started, I was just in love with it. Also Anthony Head as Chiron, UPGRADE.

My blood pressure is up higher than perhaps it should be, the doctor feels that maybe I can get it down by myself so she's given me a little while before she tests it again but still, I am concerned. Both my parents have high blood pressure, so yeah :| On the up side though I have lost at least four kilograms which is very good. Yay me.

Now I suppose I should clean up my room, my little cousin is coming over and he really likes playing with my My Little Pony collection.

Urgle Burgle!

Maaaan this month has been just so crappy. First Insanejournal got attacked by some nefarious types and they banned a bunch of ISP addresses, including mine! It is so frustrating when you have things to do there and you can't access the site. In the end I had to take ~alternate measures~ to get it to work. Mmmhmm.

I finished my next pony! Gosh he's a little cutie. He has gone on his way to America now. You can see a picture of him here. Right now I am working on Sleipnir, he's Loki's baby...he has eight legs :o

I picked up a new show in the off-season, Melissa and Joey! I watched the entire series up to the most recent episode in about four days and I adore it. You always hear about the messed up child stars, never the successful ones. I sort of forgot this show existed but I went looking for it and I love it!

Oh another thing, why the Internets hates me. I was freaking out because my Photobucket started to say that I had gone over my bandwidth. I was like what the cheese? I have had that account for five years and it has never done that before so damn right I questioned it. Photobucket wrote me a nice letter back saying that some of the links from my account were posted on a notorious adult site, that is why they closed it down.



They fixed it thank goodness, but still. *eyes the Internets*

It has been so long since I've made icons. According to my icon journal, I haven't posted graphics there since December 7th last year! Well I am going to change that. I am going to post...stuff! Keep an eye out for stuff :D


Hello folks! It's been a while since I've done a proper update so lets do one noooow. The reason for my absence is well it's kind of autum/winter here and I feel very unmotivated to do anything actually that isn't even an excuse; I was looking at my icon journal the other day, do you know I haven't updated in like seven months? What is wrong with me? D: I need to fix that, yes.

Also another thing that has been biting into my time lately is Animal Crossing. OMG Animal Crossing you guys! *flail* Yes, I am a nerd.

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My hand is all jacked up because I have blisters from hand sewing. Oh you didn't know? Yeah I sew now. It's a thing. Look at this little beauty I did a while back:

 photo a08aa4f7-caf6-4993-8107-0145b7fedc71_zps3782272f.jpg

Isn't he cute? I'm actually doing a Nathan Petrelli one for a friend right now, hence why I have blisters *ouch*

RP stuffs is going well though I need to be more focused on it; my severe absent-mindedness and different time zones really put a dampener on things. Just...be more focused!

Stuff I need to icon includes all the things above. *nod* Also I should get back to my Heroes posts on tumblr. These are things that should happen.